Best Exercises For Your Dog

Just like humans, your dog also needs regular exercise to stay healthy. If daily walk no longer works for your four-legged best friend, then the following suggestions might help you out:

Following the dog

This is a great activity not just for your dog but for you as well. As the name implies, you will let your dog lead you to wherever he goes (instead of you leading the dog).  This is fun especially as you won’t know where your dog will lead you.


Take your dog outdoors and run with him. Running is one of the best exercises for dogs and for you as well. So, enjoy the outdoors and boost your stamina with running.

Joining an agility activity

If your dog is the type with almost endless energy, then having him join an agility activity is perfect for him. The combination of running and jumping will definitely be fun for your pet.

Playing with other dogs

There’s no any other better way to make your dog have fun and exercise at the same time other than letting him play with the other dogs.

Teaching your dog tricks

Do not forget to boost your dog’s mental health through teaching him dog tricks. If this is your first time, you may want to begin with simpler ones. There are tons of resources that you can find online.